About NBIC

Vision: “To be recognised globally as a leading centre of excellence, transforming innovative ideas into sustainable businesses and social solutions.”

Mission: We proactively stimulate and support innovation, entrepreneurship and social upliftment through exploring, researching and developing ideas, generating and incubating successful businesses and bridging the technological divide for a globally competitive economy and inclusive society.

NBIC achieves its mission through offering the following services:

  1. Innovation Marketplace addresses those interested in entrepreneurship and innovation in general but without a concrete business idea in mind. The programmes offered are designed to motivate entrepreneurs, help them find partners and generate business ideas.
  2. Entrepreneurship & Incubation supports entrepreneurs from the initial business idea to the establishment of their company and the subsequent growth phase, through mentoring, training and incubator services.
  3. Research & Development fosters partnerships between established companies and Namibian academic institutions as well as startup companies. They target researchers interested in commercialising their ideas and companies looking for technologies to solve challenges they face or develop innovative products and services.

NBIC receives support from Namibian and international partner organisations.