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Welcome to the Centre for Cooperative Education, known to many now at the Polytechnic of Namibia as CCE.

Since our inception in August, the Centre has followed a consultative process and developed a strategic plan with policies,setting the guidelines for further developing operating practices thereby ensuring that there is consistency in the application of the policies through using the input from the coalface at a school level.

The establishment of a new Centre in an institution comes with many challenges ranging from employing staff, introducing an entirely new concept to some and, for others, lobbying for things to be done materially differently. This resulted in us having had to tackle challenges head-on, with the view of ultimately creating harmony that would speak to the heart of the Centre's vision. Getting a common cooperative education definition across the institution was another hurdle, with an emphasis of innovation and creativity when it came to the assessment of work integrated learning. I believe that in spite of the challenging criteria and methodologies, we have made progress in this area.

We live in a world where change is not being discussed any longer it's the pace of change that we need to be speaking about. The Centre will drive this change guiding, recommending and then looking for feedback, while keeping an eye on international best practice.

We pride ourselves for the fact that the Centre plays a supportive and coordinating role between departments and industry and have been directly and indirectly involved in finding internships for students as well as assisting in formalising memorandum of agreements between companies and the Polytechnic to take in the interns.

Lastly, we wish to urge all students who register for a WIL semester to attend our workshops on 'Work Readiness'. We are near finalising a workshop for industry mentors to give them the competency needed to guide, mentor and assess students in internships at various organisations.

The CCE Team, pride ourselves in what we do and wholeheartedly and energetically look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of students the working communities and ultimately Namibia.

Carva Pop

Director: Centre for Cooperative Education

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