Children with special needs shows their creativity

Creativity comes in all forms, including drawing and painting; the children have created at murals at the NBIC Innovation Village.

The Namibia Business Innovation Centre in collaboration with various stakeholders hosted the Arts & Design Competition that started in November 2011. The project is coming to a close and the winning design entries are in the process of being painted on the walls at the Village. The project will come to a close on the 15th of March, with Awards and Exhibition, with one of Namibia’s premier politicians handing out the awards to the very creative children of Namibia. Proving and demonstrating that having some kind of limitation, physically or mentally is no limitation for the creative mind and spirit!

The NBIC is hosting the Arts & Design competition with special needs children, those who are sight impaired, hearing impaired, have speech problems, mentally disturbed etc.
The competition started end of November 2011, and the awards will take place on the 15th of March 2012, at NBIC Innovation Village.

Winners Prizes:
- Prize money to the winners and his/her school
- Educational prizes according to the needs of the schools – for the top three winning schools.
- NBIC T-Shirts
- Smaller prizes such as stationery packets for all participating schools.
- Winning designs will be featured in the 2012/2013 calendar.
- All participating schools will receive a certificate of participation.

The NBIC’s vision of including an inclusive society resonates with the project objective, translating the concept into an activity that focuses on children with special needs. We hope for more projects of this nature in the near future, for the upliftment of children with special needs in Namibia.