NBIC & the innovative side of Windhoek – We Need Your Help!

We need your help!

We want to create a whole booklet about the innovative businesses in Windhoek through all sectors of economy, as well as the people and institutions that drive creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.
It will contain short profiles and information about them as well as some short interviews, promising projects & events and general information about the different branches.
This publication is designed to introduce those companies, which are going and leading new ways, and promote Windhoek’s innovative side to anybody from outside and inside Namibia and also give an incentive to be innovative yourself!
So please tell us: What & where are those innovative & creative places / businesses / shops / producers / cafes / organisations … in Windhoek, which are doing business different than the rest?
What are the things that make Windhoek a cool town for you?
We are looking on the following categories:

  • Transport (Getting to WHK, Transport in WHK, News)
  • News & Media (Publications, Booklets, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)
  • Craft & Design
  • Art & Culture
  • Travel & Tourism (Day-Trips, Hotels, Tourist-Spots, …)
  • Eat & Drink (Restaurants, Bars, etc.)
  • Local Food (Producers, Retailers)
  • Retail & Other Business

Spread the word, ask your friends, share it with everybody & send us the story about your innovative side of Windhoek!
Let’s show the world out there what a cool place Windhoek is!
Contact us @ fthomas@polytechnic.edu.na
Thanks a lot for your support!