Creative Events & Projects

I’M has lined-up exciting events/projects on creativity. These events/projects are:

  1. Create Your Future™ Series of Workshops:
    NBIC’s Create Your Future™ workshop series is for individuals who want to unleash and develop their creativity and find their talents. Embarking on a journey of personal development to achieve life goals by:

    • Creating balance at work and personal life.
    • Learning techniques to help release fear, blocks and perceived limitations.
    • Applying creative techniques that work in your personal life and at your workplace.
    • Realising your personal strength and simply creating your own future.

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  2. Reality Check™ Workshop:
    Women play an important role in life and through this workshop NBIC is giving them opportunities to venture in entrepreneurial and innovative activities. This workshop is designed to inspire and motivate women to learn how to change and transform enabling them to build success.     read more
  3. Business Idea Creation:
    There are potential business ideas in oneself still to be born. Our Business Idea Creation Workshops equip participants with knowledge on how to generate a business idea and assess its viability.     read more
  4. Sourcing Ideas for Change – Problem Solving:
    To teach techniques on how to source new ideas and create ideas to solve problems. With the help of these techniques, the participants can use the idea-game-technique as the way to promote innovation in their respective entities/businesses.     read more
  5. Venture Creation:
    This project motivates, supports and accelerates the development of new start-up based business ideas and transforms them into sustainable start-up enterprises. There is a three part approach to New Venture Creation:

    • Starting off: Position new ideas within the context of market needs and requirements, translate ideas into a business case (business case vs business plans) and then construct the building blocks for the new enterprise (structure, team, funding, starting out).
    • Launching: Develop and present a practical and realistic business plan, structuring finance, raising capital, ensuring freedom to operate i.r.o. IPR’s and exploiting intellectual assets.
    • From Small to Supersize: Growing ideas into sustainable business enterprises, building value, partnering, collaboration and branding.