NBIC exhibits artwork in its office space

The Namibia Business Innovation Centre supports different initiatives, most on them focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. A separate project that NBIC is involved with is the exhibiting of artwork in its offices of professional artists.  By hosting an exhibition at the Innovation Village we help turn the artists into entrepreneurs as well. The exhibition with the theme: “A Silence in Time” kicked off a four month display of the artwork in the offices at the Village

Ndasuunje “Papa” Shikongeni’s artwork, an internationally acclaimed Namibian artist will have his works displayed for all visitors at the Centre. The artwork is also for sale and gives the artist the opportunity to sell his artwork in a different environment. His talents include storytelling and he uses materials such as wood and paper mache and incorporates new printing techniques in using cardboard, painting ink on paper and linoleum. He is a true leader and champion of Namibia’s post-independence arts education and culture.


As Professor Andre Du Pisani stated during the opening of the exhibition where he gave the opening speech, he said of Shikongeni Papa’s work portrays different aspects of Namibian culture and tradition. “Shikongeni chose the route of freeing people’s minds and their consciousness through art instead of the gun, symbolic of oppression, violence and death. His passion for the art world began with his love of music which continues to be the source of his inspiration today,” he said.


Shikongeni Papa’s work portrays different aspects of Namibian culture and tradition. “I use spiritual and the spoken word arts to promote freedom of self-expression and individual inner language; to highlight the importance of tradition and culture in economic and social development,” he said during the exhibition.

One of the reasons that NBIC supports and gives Namibian artists this platform is to help develop and teach the youth and upcoming artists the importance of arts and crafts in community development. It also demonstrates that there are different ways in which upcoming artists can market their artwork to the general public, as well as giving them an insight into the business side that any artist has to deal with; from selling the artworks to marketing their artwork on an (inter)national level.

Artists are some of the truest innovators and entrepreneurs there are and this way their artworks can be turned into profitable and sustainable business endeavours. NBIC is an ideal venue for visitors to see and buy artworks truly “Made in Namibia”.

The exhibition will remain at the NBIC Innovation Village for the next four months.

“Come and view, admire and buy the artworks of Papa Shikongeni at the Innovation Village.”

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